Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I loved working with markers. They allowed me to introduce color into my earliest art work. Unfortunaely they are so fugitive they cannot be used for any sustainable work, but they are great for quick sketches (is there such a thing as a slow sketch?) From markers I graduated to ink, and quickly thereafter, watercolor.

Here are a few early sketches/paintings circa 1978-80.

Echo Books about 5x7


timeisoftheessence said...

Sure you left money in your pocket! I think that it was more like 5 cents maybe! I will get it back to you ASAP. VC

Villager said...

I think all your work is very creative and beautiful. But I find these particular works (showing rows of old houses and shops) just fascinating. It looks like you did these a while ago. Do you still do this kind of work today? I know everything evolves, but these are really special and I hope you will keep doing more of these.

Terry Banderas said...

William- Store fronts are so much fun to draw. I've enjoyed viewing these. It is nice to be able to draw from actual buildings but I also find it fun to "make up" my own store fronts as I draw from imagination. Nice post.