Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It's over, another Christmas has come and gone. As usual I find I need a few days to "decompress" from all of the food and wine. I kept my gallery open on Christmas eve day and it was with mixed feelings that I sold my latest "windows" painting, #17, posted here on 12-21. Usually I have no qualms about selling my work, but I REALLY like this piece and was hoping It would be around for a little while, but that was not to be.

Over the years there have been only two other paintings that I wish were still in my possession:

Jersey Barn-pastel - 30x40" now hanging somewhere in Aspen CO

Philadelpha Art Museum watercolor, aprox 16x40 now somewhere in Baltimore, MD


Aynex Mercado said...

I hope to have that problem sometime. Although I do wish I still had my first quilt just to see how far I have come.

timeisoftheessence said...

That's also one of my favorites. Also, may I say that I dearly love the book! Had to fight back a few tears at times. You are full of wisdom and so insightful. VC

Villager said...

This is called "seller's remorse". The moral of the story should have charged a higher price!

Ester said...

i can see why you'd want to keep them, they're beautiful, both of them.

I hope you know that your comments on my blog have meant a lot to me. It's always a nice "brightening" to the day to hear the nice words, so thank you.