Saturday, December 29, 2007


Windows #13 16x16"

So, after 48 hours of thinking about the window paintings, what conclusions have I reached?

These paintings are all about fields of color separated by artificial boundaries and contrasting values. The “windows” and the foreground provide the boundaries and the separation, as well as creating an asymmetry to the composition. These are the real subjects of the paintings.

The trees are used as objects to hold the separate elements together, as well as adding to the value contrast and enhancing the overall composition. Although they may be the center of attention, they are not the primary subject. In fact the trees have generally been rendered in a rather generic manner and devoid of much detail.

After the first few paintings I began thinking about what I could use in place of the trees, considering architectural subjects and abstract shapes. But in the end, always came back to the tree because: 1. it worked, and 2. I liked the organic element which made sense because of the degree of realism in the rest of the painting, especially the foreground.

Where do I go from here and how will these paintings evolve?

I will probably continue in the same vein, exploring different compositions, colors, and other variations, looking for ways to improve the work while allowing it to offer its own direction. At the same time, I would like to try inserting more abstract elements, completely or in part, in the paintings which may lead to a separte series, distinct fromt he windows. The next several months could prove to be quite interesting.

This has been an interesting exercise for me; I usually do not dissect my work in this manner and have found it to be quite helpful. Thank you Teri.

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Linda said...

Hmmm... I'm liking the trees. Maybe it is the general cruciform shape that they give the paintings that adds to the appeal. Don't over-think, though!! Believe me -- it can lead to artistic paralysis!!!