Sunday, December 23, 2007


The battle between the two sides of my brain...The R is enticing me to let myself go and follow my instincts and intuition, letting the work itself lead and direct me. The L side agrees, to a point, but strongly asserts the need for an overall “game plan” to provide guidelines and help keep the focus on a clearer goal.

An immediate problem arises...what is that goal? The R side tells me, it is to become the best artist that I am capable of becoming. Once again the L agrees, but adds that ever present drive for commercial success and professional recognition.

Obviously a compromise is needed-in which I follow the R side of my brain, but temper it with selected wisdom from the L.

After the last six months of work it is clear to me that the significant advances in my work are directly the result of the intuitive and imaginative approaches I have been taking in the studio.

I wrote these words 4 years ago, but they remain ever appropriate. I selected the following paintings to reflect Right sided art, Left sided art, and comprimised art. How valid this is remains questionable, but it is a fun exercise.

Right sided acrylic 30x40

Left sided Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art watercolor 30x30

Combination Right & Left Architectural drawing mixed media 12x12


chumly said...

Being from Pa. I like your left side. When I have a left right problem I go for the middle and end up with ice cream.

Ester said...

they are all beautiful too. I'd say my favorite is the third, the combination piece, but they are all so beautiful in their own unique ways.

Merry Christmas to you! Hope you have a good one :)