Thursday, August 28, 2008


As I have mentioned before, my wife Patience is a valued critic of my work. She knows that I depend on her for an honest appraisal of the painting before her. (By a mutual understanding I do not ask her opinion on anything non-representational.) Usually she can be specific about what offends her in the painting, but in the case of the SPRINGHOUSE, her response was simply one of little enthusiasm with no specific remarks, which was exactly how I felt about it. I thought the piece had such potential, but somehow it didn't reach it. (A bite in the ass is how I so eloquently described it several days ago.)

I decided to get my daughter Sara's opinion. (If you haven't done so, please check out her website. She is an amazing artist!) She looked at the jpg and immediately pointed out that the grayish tree line just wasn't working. It effectively broke the painting down into two pieces, a top and a bottom. And of course I then saw it clearly for myself. So, heeding her advise, and wanting to impress my lovely wife, I worked in some burnt umber and burnt sienna into the offending area, and, I believe, the painting has been significantly improved. Judge for yourself.

First version

the Springhouse acrylic 48x36 $3500
final version


artis1111 said...

Hi, I grew up in Pikeville Ky. Glad to meet another artist and a one from Ky! I like your work. I am a hairdresser 2 days a week and paint the rest. I still enjoy doing hair, and it is a break from painting. Nice to meet you .Kathy

Suzanne said...

I like the gray nekkid trees in the foreground.