Sunday, August 24, 2008


This time around I made a commitment to the would be the chief honcho. I would start with a general idea of what I wanted, composition, palette, etc., but after that anything and everything was possible, including a complete "180" from the original concept.

In the Prairie Farm, below, everything progressed with relative ease. The buildings ended up more literal than I imagined and the row of trees in the front was a last minute impulse. I'm pleased wit ht he results, but will keep it on the easel for a few days as well as ask my severest and most honest critic to look at it. Nothing leaves the easel without Patience's critique.

Prairie Farm acrylic 36x36 $2500

In this next painting the only commitment I made was to the texture of the sky! And indeed the sky as it now appears has undergone several major changes in color and value. My original concept is to show a stark winter landscape, whether or not this happens remains to be seen. There have been more surprises in this piece than in the first.

Yet to be titled acrylic 36x36


timerulesmylife said...

I love your barns! They remind me of my grandparents old farm! MORE BARNS!

Laura K said...

LOVE the second one.