Thursday, August 7, 2008


the Texaco a Lowertown Arts District information center

I came up with these words over several days of walking dogs shortly after moving to Paducah. They are to be sung to the tune of “the Streets of Laredo”.

As I walked out in the streets of Paducah,
As I walked out in Paducah one day.
I spied an old artist all beaten and battered,
All beaten and battered and covered with clay.

I asked the man gently what had he befallen,
What had he befallen so covered with clay.
He turned to me slowly and softly he whispered,
I f____ed with the muses, and this is my pay.

Laden with sorrow at this artist’s sad story,
I asked the poor soul just what I could do.
He quickly replied with a smile and suggested,
buy one of my paintings, better yet, make it two.

He told me the story of his move to Paducah,
Uprooting his family, his home, and his wife,
In search of his dreams and affordable living,
All in the quest of the real artist life.

The folks he encountered were charming and friendly,
Especially the builders who quickly said sure.
We can rehab that sorry old place you’ve just purchased,
But hastened to add it will cost a bit more.

With others who followed they banded together,
Praising Mark, praising Tom, for all they would do.
Until the inspector said sorry to tell you,
One bathroom won’t make, you really need two.

The artists, their partners, their dogs, did not falter,
Together they worked, undeterred, so it seems.
For artists are special, determined, devoted,
In their unyielding quest to capture their dreams.

So when you walk out in the streets of Paducah,
Make you way into Lowertown, for there you will find,
A bevy of artists all working together,
Making music and art for your soul and your mind.

When I walk out in the streets of Paducah,
When I walk out in Paducah each day,
With my dogs on their leashes I whistle and wander,
And smile as I greet all my friends on the way.

the delightful home, studio, and gallery of Working Artists. (Ike and Charlotte)


Villager said...

Boy, don't you have multiple talents!!!
Very impressive! I look forward to more.

timerulesmylife said...

Awesome post friend!

dog face girls said...

Hello to Peeedukeeee.