Friday, August 15, 2008



We all know about “some days”. Some day I will buy a small mobile home and travel the country with my sketch book and camera. Or, some day I’ll have a small cabin on a lake in some remote area where I will spend quiet days and nights with my books, writing the novel that I know is there, waiting for me to deliver it to the world. I’m assuming that we all have our dreams for ‘some day” and they are as varied as we are.

My own “some days” have always involved my art in one way or another. Some day the demand for my art will be great enough to support us in comfort. Or, some day I will be invited to have a solo show in a prestigious gallery in major city USA. A “some day” has always been there for me, a place to look for comfort and assurance when needed, and where dreams and aspirations could be safely stored. My “some days” have provided an endless source of hope.

Of all the changes that aging exerts upon us, a most difficult one for me has been the threat to my “some days”. This is not to imply that I’m living under a cloud of gloom and doom, with my demise imminent. To the contrary, I’m counting on a minimum of 15 to 20 remaining productive years, but I know that there are no guarantees, and at this age anything is possible. At age 30, “some day” was light years away. At age 69, “some day” becomes today or tomorrow. Thus I am faced with the necessity of doing something I have never been very good at securely in the present. If I don’t do it today, it may never get done. Not a bad way to live. I will give it my best shot.


Fist stage acrylic on 36x48" canvas

At the end of yesterday

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Nice work on these. Even at 38, I, too, am focused on making my mark before it's too late. It's a comfort to know we are in the driver's seat (for the most part)and are the only people getting in our way of achieving goals. Enjoy your artfilled weekend!