Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We managed to stay away from food for about 10 hours, beginning the day with breakfast of cheese and Mortadella and espresso from the coffee maker that I can now operate.

After breakfast we made our way once more to the of contemporary spite of a rather steady, but light rain. Thanks to the porticoes we only needed our umbrellas when crossing streets. The museum is quite impressive, with a permanent collection of Italian contemporary art and a current extensive exhibit devoted to Fellini's films and art.

Paul left for Milan after lunch, and I used the afternoon to explore the narrow streets of shops and espresso bars around the Piazza Maggiore, the oldest part of the city. I took several photos despite the gray overcast day. I saw several places that I would like to re-visit with my sketchbook.

I ended the day with dinner at a nearby small trattoria.

Trust me...there was bruschetta on this plate.

Tagliatelli in a ragu Bolognese sauce.

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