Sunday, May 2, 2010


Twenty eight hours after leaving 803 Madison Street I arrived at the front door at Via Paradiso 7. It was an exhausting trip; I could not sleep during the 8+ hours in the air from Chicago to Munich. We arrived an hour behind schedule so I missed my 11AM flight to Bologna and had to wait another 4 hours for the next flight. Fortunately that flight was on time, quick and uncomplicated, and I was relieved to see my baggage coming around on the carrousel. Within a half an hour the taxi turned on to Via Paradiso, a narrow street no wider than the alley behind our house. Mauro, the apartment manager was there to greet me and show me the ropes, a most delightful young man.

The apartment is small and efficient and a bit electrically challenging since only one of the many converters I brought with me works. Fortunately I am able to power my computer and recharge my iphone via the laptop. There is a fancy coffee maker which I cannot figure out how to work, and this morning I realized I had no soap for my shower.
Just a few tiny details to work out.

I took a short walk to a small market where I bought a few essentials, had dinner on my terrace, and at 8 PM collapsed in bed and slept until 7 this morning.

Street sign

Looking down Via apartment building in on the right just at the bend in the street.

My fist dinner "at home" on the terrace.

two views from the terrace


Karen said...

I'm insanely jealous! It looks fabulous!

Victoria said...

Michael and I are reading this together in our hotel room in Baton Rouge and almost exactly at the same time we said out loud that the colors of the buildings are a perfect palette for your work. So glad that you arrived safely. We'll keep following along.

jeannette said...

the last photo that's my kind of photo -have a great stay there, Friend! Hope Patience is with you?