Saturday, May 15, 2010


I decided it was time to see more than Bologna and to test my train traveling skills by taking a trip to Ravenna, a small city known for it ancient mosaics.

I took the 9:06 train to Ravenna, a “local”, taking 1 1/2 hrs through very flat farm land and stopping at about a half a dozen small towns along the way. The landscape and farms were interesting, though not very pictorial. A lot of crop farming, wheat or rye, fields of leafy vegetables (could not identify them) and more grapes and orchards the further south we moved from Bologna. The farms were not as majestic as in Tuscany, and the farm houses looked well worn and tired, but clearly the farming is serious and major industry to the area.

I was unable to get any photos from the train, but several things of note. Throughout the rail line the tracks were “protected” by a concrete picket fence about 4 feet high, something I've never seen before. Also scattered along the train route were patches of bright orange poppies growing wild, some even extending into the vineyards.

Ravenna is a delightful and easily manageable on foot small city with winding small streets, shops, cafes, tourists, groups of school children, and bikes. Reminded me of a miniature Bologna with lower buildings and no porticoes.

I could not photograph the mosaics, but did capture the towns centerpiece, the Piazza Dell Popola where I had lunch.

This is not a leaning tower...the tilt is from the camera lens. Major mosaics in the santuary.

Scenes from the Piazza Del Popola

It rained later in the afternoon and I took refuge in a cafe while waiting for the train back to Bologna.

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David C. said...

Thanks for posting this. The street I live on is called Ravenna. I knew the name came from an Italian town, but now I know more about it.