Monday, May 17, 2010


is 334 ft. high, 7 1/2 ft off plumb, and has 498 steps to the top. This morning I took it on, feeling quite full of myself after yesterdays escapade. Actually I had my doubts, thinking the stair would be more difficult. It was hard and I was puffing and had to stop several times, all part of my plan to take it slow and easy. To my surprise and great delight, the climb was not as hard as yesterday's hike up the hill. And unlike yesterday, when I reached the top I was rewarded with the most awesome views of the red roofed city.

The stairs were the original wooden steps, obviously re-enforced, but very well worn and quite narrow. In a few places they were rather steep. Every 30 or so feet ended in a platform were 6 or 7 people could stand comfortably and catch their breath. They also served to make it impossible to look up or down more than the 30 -50 ft. I don’t know if this was for engineering support or to prevent vertigo.

After returning to tera firma I stopped for lunch, and in keeping with my desire to move beyond pasta at every meal...I had octopus with potatoes, olives and oil. I think I will go back to the pasta.

I beieve that is San Luca on the hill on the right...where I was standing yesterday.


Karen said...

Stunning views!

Villager said...

I have been enjoying this trip! Fantastic photos and travel writing. I mean it. How about another book?

Patience Renzulli said...

You are in Italy, and you are avoiding pasta????? You are NOT asking "what would Patience say?" OBVIOUSLY!!!
(P.S. please do not have a heart attack. Please refrain from activities that make a stress test look like a nap!)