Saturday, May 22, 2010


Most Italians live in an urban environment, apartments and condominiums are prevalent, even in the small communities where accommodations are compressed because of the limited land. (Italy is approximately the size of Arizona.) There is no suburban sprawl and there are very few “developments”.

In city central most of the more elegant living is hidden behind walls and street front buildings and large doors, which are often nondescript in appearance, hiding the gems behind them...gardens, court yards, and more. As one moves toward the periphery of the city the homes, most of which appear to be multifamily dwellings, and apartment buildings can be seen from the street, although usually behind a gate or lush greenery. The most elegant housing that I have seen so far, in my limited excursions away from city central, has been on Via Saragozza on my way to San Luca’s sanctuary.

If you can imagine a blending of Savanna GA, Charleston SC, and the garden district in New Orleans, then you can imagine some of the more elegant streets and homes in Bologna.

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