Sunday, January 12, 2014

I GOTTA GET OUT OF MY HEAD or something like that

What a great idea: Wilmington Then & Now.  I’ll go back to where my art began and photograph all the places I painted and paint them as they are now.  How much fun will that be?

Or, I can stay closer to home and focus on the interesting architecture in Nashville.  That would be more convenient and just as much fun.

But hey, I live in Kentucky, and Lexington and Louisville are two really neat cities, and I would love to get to know them better.  Maybe I could do Portfolios of all the larger cities and towns in the state.

Wait…I’ve already committed to Oak Park and possibly something on the river industry here in Paducah.  Can’t forget those.

On the other hand I really should be devoting more time and energy to writing, I want to leave a personal history for my children and grandchildren, and I have all my essays to review and edit.

While I’m deciding I’ll go in the studio and work on the pastel painting I started yesterday…or maybe the two Nashville drawings that are waiting for the watercolors. 

That’s what I’ll do; but first I have the 3 new books that just came in the mail.  I’m anxious to read MFK Fisher and see how she wrote about food.  It might help me with the pasta journal I’m planning to revise.

And so I wonder, how in the hell do I get anything done? 

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