Monday, January 20, 2014

The value of remaining positive

I am convinced that people who are positive, seeing the glass half full, have more fun, and enjoy life better than their negative counterparts.  The positive individual can usually find something good to see in others while accepting their flaws and imperfections, remaining open to a relationship that would otherwise not be possible.

A positive outlook can turn gloom and doom into hope and promise, and transform failure to growth and opportunity.  A negative attitude is more likely to view failure as pre-ordained and decide any further efforts would be futile.

Optimism shines a light on others, pessimism a shadow.  Optimism attracts friends and pessimism repels them.  An important note here – it is the ACT of optimism or pessimism that has these effects, There are people whose private lives are in opposition to their public life.

I recognize that these are broad generalities, and that there are many variations and exceptions to all of the above.  But overall I think my assessment is a reasonable one.

photo by Harvey Tilker

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