Wednesday, January 29, 2014



I’m sitting here in my study wanting to write…something - anything…but there is nothing I can find to hold my interest.  The writing gurus say one should be disciplined and write every day, even when the spirit is not there.  That is easy to say, but much harder to do.  Perhaps I’m spoiled, used to impromptu writing, where the subject grabs me and the words come tumbling out with little forethought; this has happened repeatedly, and I love it.  The only real work I have to do is the re-write. It is much more fun than sitting at the keyboard, wracking my brain for something of interest.  Besides, I write for my pleasure and enjoyment, so why should I burden myself with the rigid discipline of a professional writer?

On the other hand, even though I’m writing for personal pleasure, I want to write well, and that requires commitment and effort..  Looking at it that way, the discipline to daily writing takes on a different meaning.

Well I’ll be…I’ve just written 170 words about not having anything to write about.  

WRITING BLUES   Four months later

I seem to be tied to the same chair I was four months ago…unable to write.  Well, not exactly unable to write, but unable to get inspired to write.  I can’t settle on a topic or subject, and nothing is presenting itself to me; there have been no gifts from that place called the unconscious.  So I am resorting to writing about not being able to write, hoping that this will enable me to write about something by shaking loose the muses from wherever they may be

Perhaps a short retreat somewhere will help, but where?   I know...Tuscany!


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