Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Some of the most enjoyable work occurs when I work on these small panels and canvases. I begin with little or no preconceived idea beyond the presence of a horizon. My selection of color at the beginning is very arbitrary, often whatever jar of paint is open or close by. After manipulating several layers of paint I acquire some sense of direction as the image begins to emerge. It remains an intuitive effort until the very end.

These paintings serve at least 2 purposes: they are available at modest prices for folks who enjoy original art, and they offer me a way to explore ideas and techniques that may be applied to larger works. I find it so much easier to be loosey goosey and fearless on a 12x12 canvas than on a 30x40 one.

Each piece...$300



Orange tree line

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Nancy Standlee said...

I really like these and have been exploring this idea also..only smaller.