Tuesday, April 15, 2008


OK, I will admit it publicly, I am a incurable procrastinator. I put off doing things I know I will have to do, and that I only make things worse by putting them off. Every year, I swear on 15 bibles and 7 family graves that I will complete my tax prep by March first! And every year I get this done later and later. This year was the absolute worst. Every night for 10 weeks I went to bed telling myself that all I had to do was spend maybe an hour getting things together for the accountant (I had already completed most of the work), and every day I managed to avoid it. Yesterday I had no choice, and I spent less than an hour completing the task, and flushed with embarrassment delivered the package to my accountant. If I could, I would have paid someone to do it for me. The receptionist was wonderful, telling me no problem, they were used to this behavior, and they would do their best for me.

Today at 4 PM they called to say the tax returns were ready, and just like that I can now find something else to stress over!!

Wild Eyes clay mono type. I thought this would go with " procrastination", don't ask me why.

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dog face girls said...

Ha, and who says Accountants don't perform miracles..