Monday, April 7, 2008


On one of my trips to CM I decided to explore the undeveloped areas in the NJ side of the Delaware bay, home to towns like bivalve, shellpile, and Fortesque. Once a thriving fishing port, it now remains a forgotten place with little or no marine industry. Turning off one back road onto another I suddenly found myself looking at this most amazing lighthouse, totally alone, abandoned, and without any signage or markings to identify it. I later learned it was called the East Point Lighthouse and belonged the USN. Although not in Cape May, it is close enough to be included in this tour. I have painted it with both watercolor and pastels.

East Point Lighthouse watercolor

East Point Lighthouse Pastel

Lobster House Restaurant on the back bay watercolor

We can't visit CM without seeing it's victorian architecture. This next painting is a complilation of several B&Bs in town.

B&B in Cape May watercolor


Aynex Mercado said...

I hear there's a party tonight... Yay!

Linda said...

Bill -- I just keep saying how I love your work! :-)
The East Point Lighthouses had me toggling back and forth between them looking at how you handled the same subject differently in watercolor versus pastel. I would love to know what pigments you use on your watercolor palette to get such intense darks -- have I asked this before and just missed the answer? Your handling of foregrounds is really masterful -- sooooo difficult to do, but you nail it every time.

William F. Renzulli said...


As always, thanks for the kind words. You have not asked about my colors before and I will describe my palette on tomorrows post.

I am seriously thinking about another paintinf of the light house, this time in acrylic.