Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I have two more Cape May streetscapes to share with you today, followed by one of my most popular posters, A Victorian Sampler. All of the houses in this print are from different towns and cities, and it will serve as an introduction to my next "series", victorian homes.

By the Sea is a collection of homes located on the ocean front in Cape May.

Jackson Street is an actual street scene in Cape May

A victorian Sampler is an open edition print...some 3000 of which have been sold. The printers proofs are long gone (the printer went out of business years ago) and I have only a few prints remaining in my files.

Most of the Cape May prints are still available and can be seen on my web site.

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Villager said...

I will be waiting for your next book with your victorian architecture paintings. I will place an advance order...