Sunday, April 6, 2008


Today’s post reflects the power of the internet and its ability to bring people and the world together. I’m not referring to anything more earthshaking than artists finding community with one another via the world of blogs. We view each other’s work, read their laments, and offer our comments and encouragement. I have been fortunate to find myself in such a sharing community, and especially so to find another artist who loves old, urban architecture for the subject of his watercolors.

The relationship between Colliervisions and myself has culminated in an exchange of art, a visual manifestation of our mutual admiration. We decided to barter and exchanged photos of a subject of our own choosing. The completed paintings to be posted today on our blogs.

Friendhip Church Watercolor by Colliervisions.
This small country church and cemetary, surrounded by apple and peach orchards which you cannot see, was a favorite stop for me and my friends when we were out with our bikes or ponys. The fruit was plentiful, the shade cool, and the pump water even cooler. It is the resting place of my parents, grandparents, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Julio has captured the spirit and mood of the place.

Julio's church watercolor on 300lb arches paper
I decided on a very architectural approach to this subject, focusing on the lines and the overall lightness to the roof and stone and presenting it as two elevation drawings.


Villager said...

Bill, this project was lot of fun and I enjoyed it very much. I have an empty spot on the wall reserved and ready! Many thanks, and Happy Painting!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Bill, wonderful on your Etsy store!
Best to you, Jean

Abby Creek Art said...

Both watercolors are and Julio amaze me with your ability to use watercolors so beautifully.

Suzanne said...

LOVE the watercolor of the church. Beautiful.

madre-terra said...

What a great idea! I truly enjoyed seeing both works.
Very cool.

dog face girls said...



Brenda said...

I love watercolors, and these are breathtaking.