Sunday, August 28, 2011


There is no predicting where we will find ourselves at times. Yesterday, after whining about the absence of the muses, I found myself on an interesting path.

In the '80s and early '90s I visited many towns and cities in the eastern U.S. in search of material for cityscapes and townscapes which I would publish and sell, both retail and wholesale. I worked from photos and slides that I carefully cataloged, filed, and saved. Yesterday, as I began a series of small drawings from these files, it occurred to me that it would be fun to re-visit all of the places (through the photos) and create a new series of drawings documenting those visits.

What makes this of interest to me is that on many of those trips I was accompanied by one of several very dear friends who joined me for the company and/or to help with the driving. There were often times I would be hanging out the car window with my camera trying to catch a scene or building that could only be done from the road.

The more I think about this project the more interesting it becomes. It remains to be seen how it plays out.

The first 2 photos are from Paducah:

The next photo is from my trip to Charleston SC in 1988, accompanied by my daughter Amy.

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