Thursday, August 11, 2011


Grandson William is here so it was time to make some pasta. We remembered well the fiasco of our first attempt when the eggs broke through the walls of our flour wells, and I am pleased to say we avoided that, only to face another one further along in the process.

Apparently our dough was too sticky (not enough flour) and kept clogging up the pasta machine. We managed a few passes of spaghetti before giving up and resorting to hand rolling the dough, cutting it, and passing it through the cutting rollers. We ended up with a little over a pound of fresh pasta that was not much to look at. however, it cooked up just fine, not into the sticky mess we feared, and with the sausage rich gravy tasted fantastic.

And we were fortunate enough to have our friend Keyth to share the meal with us.

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