Friday, September 2, 2011


Patience is away for a long weekend so my pasta routine remains a bit disrupted. When I began this marathon four months ago I did so without a clear idea of where it would go and for how long. The idea was to cook pasta every night using different ingredients or new combinations of ingredients. Behind this were several other quieter goals: paying homage to my mother’s kitchen and my family heritage, following a southern Italian tradition of eating seasonally by using the foods available, and showing that even in small city in western Kentucky it is possible to create authentic pasta dishes without the help of gourmet, ethnic markets, all very noble sounding goals. But perhaps the most powerful but least acknowledged….I love cooking and eating pasta…in all manner, shapes, and forms.

So how do I feel, 4 months and 81 pasta meals later? I am not tired of eating pasta and I still enjoy the cooking, perhaps even more, I’m looking forward to making more homemade pasta, and I realize there are still many more variations of pasta dishes to be explored, and with summer’s end in sight I will soon be leaving behind the zucchini, squash, and other seasonal produce. Soups stews, and other cold weather dishes, here we come.

Self Portrait...acrylic-collage...24x24

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