Saturday, September 10, 2011


Between the late hour and the wine I thought it wise to delay posting this dinner until this morning.

Alonzo and Kay emailed me that he had a bottle of Chianti waitng to be opened, and of course I wanted to accommodate them. My contribution would be homemade pasta, and as anticipated, the wine, pasta, and company made for a delightful evening. As usual, all leftovers, and there was not much, was sent home with the guests.

The pasta was made with the standard recipe and the sauce was a Sunday gravy with sausage, both of which have been posted previously. The only thing new tonight was the addition of my pasta drying rack, a real throwback to my mom’s kitchen.

That is Kay's hand guarding the pasta...keeping the dogs away.

This was the 87th meal of the Pasta Quest.

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