Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oak Park Illinois

Today is my last day in Oak Park. I will leave O'hare at 10 PM and get to put my arms around my wife one hour later. It has been a great visit, but I'll be glad to be back in my studio and kitchen. Amy and I collaborated on some great meals... Crab cakes and Capellini one night and Linguine Alio Olio crudo with assorted toppings last night.

Oak Park is a wonderful community, especially if you like arts and crafts style architecture (Frank Loyd Wright's first home and studio are here). The neighborhoods are a mixture of prairie style and Victorian architecture as you can see from these iPhone photos taken on my walks.

Amy and Bob's house

And of course there were the grandkids...

William the artist/writer with his journal

Abigail the rocker with her base guitar

And Abigail the hockey player...I'll will get to see her play later today!

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