Tuesday, May 15, 2012


bothered, and bewildered, am I.  (With apologies to Cole Porter)  Strange things happen in my head when I escape the familiar comfort of my routine, as I have done fro the past 6 days.  I suddenly find myself harboring an endless bounty of ambition and energy, dedicated to pursuing one great idea after another that flows ceaselessly from my brain.  I can do anything and everything once I get back to the comfort of my home and studio. There will be no stopping me. 

Unfortunately these insights? Fantasies? notions? Must be shared with others, derived from the same separation from routine:  Am I really an artist?  Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?  Am I spending too much time on facebook and my blog?  I should travel more…do I want to travel more…I spend too much time away…and on and on and on.

A lesser man than me would become undone by this torrent of rumination, but fortunately I am a tiger, and experience has told me that this too will pass.  I will return home soon to my loving wife, nine happy dogs, and a studio just waiting for my attention.  All of the questions, well…most of the questions will disappear, and sadly, so will most of the ambition, and things will pick up just as the were when I left.  And life goes on.  I will leave again sometime in the future, and the cycle will repeat itself, and there is a sense of comfort in knowing that.

 Wild Eyes...clay mono type...20x14"

This has nothing to do with the narrative.  I simply like to have an image for readers to look at.

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