Thursday, May 3, 2012


My plan for this current series of paintings is to move to a different shape and size canvas with each painting.  Currently on the easel is a 48x48' canvas; the square shape lends itself to large sky landscapes, although I seem to find a way to do that regardless of the shape of the canvas.  I enjoy working with a square canvas, almost as much as I do with the horizontal ones (24x48 or 16x40).  The most challenging, and often the most fun, is the extremely horizontal 12x48'.  (I work only on pre-stretched canvases - have no interest in stretching my own)  The one shape I have not been able to handle is the extreme vertical. progress...the next step - work on the foreground, then render the focal point of interest, once I decide what that will be and where it will sit on the horizon.  I don't always have these things worked out before I start; I like having the painting show me the way.  It's great when it does, and very frustrating when it doesn't.

Here are 2 details from yesterday's painting, Dark Sky:

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