Tuesday, May 1, 2012


has quietly come to an end with David and I sharing a dish of Penne with sausage, mushrooms, and whit e beans.  (Patience was working and would join us later.)

The Pasta Quest began May first, one year ago, and during that time I recorded 198 dishes, and estimate another 30 to 40 that were not logged in.  I also gained 5 pounds!

Although the project is officially over I will continue to post recipes when I have something new to share.  In the meantime I will begin to review the results of last year and try to organize everything into a form that could eventually become a book.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this year long project, especially the feedback from so many of you.

 Good food, good wine, and good friends...what more can one ask for.

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Patience Renzulli said...

I can't believe I missed the last meal after the whole year. Ah well, it tasted even better at 9:00!!!

And, I LOST 10 pounds during the year. (But I had to work at it: portions, portions, portions!)