Monday, May 28, 2012


My paintings originate from a variety of sources and inspiration.  Some, like the one shown below, come from a specific scene or structure that I’ve seen and photographed.  Although I often take liberty with surroundings and background, the primary subject is portrayed accurately.

The third barn - from a Livingston Co. farm...acrylic...36x36

Other paintings are based rather loosely on something I’ve seen; I may borrow the composition and create my own mood, or borrow the mood and adapt it to a different composition or setting.

Kent Co. Farm (Delaware)...acrylic...24x30

After so many years of painting landscapes, with and without barns and farms, I am able to paint from memory and imagination, creation my own scenes and buildings.

Somewhere Else...acrylic...48x60

Each category presents its own set of challenges and satisfaction, and I enjoy working in all of them.  But, if I had to pick just one, I would go with painting from memory and imagination; this offers me the most room to explore and look for new ways to express myself.

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