Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This trip has been no different from all the others. I could not wait to leave, and now I can’t wait to return home. I miss my home, my pasta, my work, and (Aynex, don’t barf) I miss my wife.

It has been a fun week, seeing daughters, grandchildren, and friends. I made several trips to Philadelphia, the first for Martinis and crepes in south Philly, and the second to visit the Sande Webster Gallery in center city where I was told that one of my paintings “went out” for approval just 2 days earlier.

I walked down Delancy St.

I spent several days in Wilmington where I managed to visit some of my favorite places including Atilio's, a neighborhood restaurant in Little Italy that serves the best and crispiest hot peppers.

I had lunch at Buckley's Tavern with my friend and former associate Dr. Brereton.

I also spent time in Maryland and was dismayed to see one of “my” barns falling into total disrepair. I prefer to remember it as it was...in only partial disrepair.

the back and right side of this barn is falling down.

And I cannot leave out my day trip to south Jersey to see cousins, eat their good food, and drink their wine. Unfortunately it was a bit too early to pick and fresh brocoli rabe.


thermion7 said...

I really like the panoramic elevation of the street! The painting really gives a sense of place. Great job!

madre-terra said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Glad you're back home with your lady.

dog face girls said...

Hi Bill,

Glad you had a wonderful time and that you are home safe.

Oh, love the painting too!!