Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today will complete the Wilmington journey with a hodge podge of scenes from around the city.

Mendenhall house watercolor
This sorry looking street has since been restored to its former splendor

The Other Side watercolor
This is another block of the city that has survived to be 'gentrified" in the 70s.

Quaker Hill Watercolor
Named after the nearby historic Friends meeting house, these homes were once vacant and provided refuge to the the homeless.

Royal Diner watercolor
Alas, the Royal dinner is no more.

1 comment:

Linda said...

The Wilmington series pieces here are all wonderful. I just clicked on the "Wilmington DE" label and got to look at them all in one sitting, and it is an impressive bit of work! I really enjoy how you have rendered the pieces with personality -- artistically -- they are nothing like dry architectural renderings. REALLY nice!

And it's just too bad about the Royal Diner. I love it when I find one of those old places.