Sunday, March 2, 2008


Nothing raises my gander more than the overt hypocrisy of our “leaders”. Unfortunately there exists an abundance of this in Washington, on both sides of the aisle.

One of the worst examples today regards the claim by some that they are “pro life” and against the use of unclaimed embryos for stem cell research and against a women’s choice to abort because “life is sacred”. As they like to say, “they choose life”!

Yet many of these same leaders quietly accept the collateral damage of war, a euphemism for the killing of innocent civilians, mostly women and children, and often support the death penalty. These positions do not compute...they conflict with one another. Either life is sacred, and should not be taken under any circumstances, or it is not sacred, and can be destroyed if the circumstances warrant it. But you cannot have it both ways.
By accepting collateral damage, the sacredness of life becomes relative, and the argument then becomes a pragmatic one - when is the taking of life justifiable, and indeed a case can be made for certain justifications. But some of our politicians would rather avoid the honesty of this and instead claim the sacredness of life even as they are destroying it. They are hypocrites who lack the courage to speak to us honestly, for whom I have no respect.

This rant of mine is not about the issues of abortion or the Iraq war and collateral damage. It is about hypocrisy and the misleading use of language to appease and distort.


madre-terra said...

I share your concerns.
Too often I feel the dishonesty of the leaders of our country. Most of them, I feel, have spent a lifetime of lip service and probably have no idea how they really feel about something our what their truest beliefs are.
Sad for us all.

Aynex Mercado said...

Down Bill...

dog face girls said...

Thanks Bill.