Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I’m still hanging around the older part of town today, taking in the architecture and the busyness of the area. Of course what I’m really thinking is how wonderful this area of the city must have been some 50 plus years ago with even more markets, shops, and people milling about doing their shopping. At the time these were painted all that remained was a shadow of what was once there, but even then, it was a bustling place on Saturday mornings. (all paintings shown below are watercolors.)

Corner of 4th & Market St.
In the early 70s the city attempted to revitalize their downtown by transforming Market street, the "main st." of Wilmington into a pedestrian Mall. It met with only fair success and has recently been restored to its original state.

4th st. between King and Market. The second building from the left corner was the place in the city for the best imported Greek and Italian food,a favorite Saturday morning shopping stop. I've recently learned that it is no longer there. What a loss.

Sansone's fish market on King street, one of several that were store in operation during my early years in Wilmington. Lower King street was the home to several blocks of markets and shops, a place to buy all the produce and meats for the week ahead. Sadly they have all been replaced, one by one, and the area is now a major "finance center" with banks and offices, and very little reason for people, other than employees, to be in the streets. Here is one more painting of King St.


Villager said...

Great stuff...I think the unpainted areas in the first work make the painted areas jump out, it's a very interesting effect.
By the way, , I just finished reading your book "Have I told you..." and it is very moving. I will pass it along to my own children to read.

Linda said...

I really love this style from you. It looks like it was fun to paint, too! ;-)