Monday, March 24, 2008


Patience and Swede William

I have been blessed with the most remarkable women in my life: my mother, my daughters, and my wife. It is my intention to write about each one of them, putting into words my profound respect and appreciation for them, and all that they have meant to my life.

Yesterday I had the rare pleasure of visiting with all of my daughters at the same time, to see them together, talking, laughing, and just being who they are. In my very darkest hours, uttering those three names brought tears to my eyes even as they held me together. Living under different roofs was devastating, and my only my only means of coping was to remind myself that I had a lifetime ahead of me with my children, and not being in the same household would be but a very small blip on me life. And it worked! I value my relationship with my daughters as my most important accomplishment and credit all four of us for making that happen.

To be with all of my children I had to travel from my home in Paducah to Maryland, and this meant leaving my wife, Patience, at home. (Because of our waggle of whippets it is very difficult for us to travel together.) And as always, as soon as I leave, I miss her dearly. For those of you who do not know her, Patience is a most remarkable woman, and it would take several postings to do her justice, but I am prepared to state unabashedly, that she is the one person who has made my life complete. I cannot imagine how the last 25 years of my life could have been any better than they have been with her as my partner.

The Warburton Whippets,,,not present is Lindy Loo, a puppy when this was taken


Aynex Mercado said...

I can't believe the audacity!! You missed my birthday and you didn't mentioned me as the most important woman in your life!! You are in big trouble when you get back!! But to prove to you you are missed, watch this video.

Joe Stains said...

What a wonderful post!!!

madre-terra said...

What a dear sweet man you are.
And I'm sure all the women in your life share the same feelings for you. Thanks for a nice post.

amy_renzulli said...

We had a wonderful visit, didn't we? I can't wait to read the post that is all about me! I will prepare the content and retouched photos, just let me know when you need them. :) Love, Amy

Abby Creek Art said...

Such a lovely post, Bill...and a beautiful photo of Patience and Swede William. You ARE a lucky man, aren't you!?

Love the Whippet photo too.

Helen Read said...

Love the post about your family! Wonderful portraits too!