Sunday, March 16, 2008


Or did it end to quickly? No, I am not referring to anything but the time spent on a painting. I have bveen interested in the stark interaction of two or three bold primary and secondary colors, usually presented in the form of a landscape. There is an unexplainable pleasure in taking a palette knife full of thick paint from the jar and applying it directly to the support, playing with the knife to create the desired texture or smooth surface. I frequently begin landscapes in this fashion, building on the first application of the paint.

Yesterday I started a canvas in this fashion, and was tempted to go no further; I liked what I saw at that point and thought it was already finished. But, how could it be, since I only spent a few minutes on it? I decided to do 2 more smaller versions on panels, and to apply another “layer” of paint over the first canvas.

untitled #1 This is finished....I think

untitled #2 Finished!

untitled #3 to be finished

I really like these, but am concerned that there was so little effort put into their creation. Now we all know that some very great artists have created memorable work with a few simple lines or splashes of color...but they were great artists! And therein lies the rub. It’s not a matter of being or not being a great artist; it is a matter of self confidence! Do I have the confidence in my vision, my art, to let it stand as it is?

Your know what? I actually don’t know, and probably that is why I am “blogging” about it today. Isn't it great being an artist?!


jetson said...

Interesting post, and it got me thinking. Did the paintings keep getting better as you worked on them? Sometimes the best thing to do is to leave well enough alone and not keep trying to improve whatever you are working on. This is also an interesting discussion when art is used in a business context, where additional effort means additional cost, eventually beyond whatever additional value is created.

Villager said...

I always liked dark skies, but your paintings really make them sing. That blue hue looks great - looks like Prussian Blue, one of my favorite watercolor tubes.
Also your previous was just my cup-of-tea!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Bill, I cannot remember who said it to give credit, but an artist cautioned against taking your time into consideration in regards to those quickly finished paintings.

They were speaking about this very thing, those paintings that seem to magically come together and paint themselves very quickly. The statement made was to not discount those who's progress was quick.

Also, I would add, you have years behind you in your art career getting to this point, and so all of that time is in this painting too!

Brenda said...

I love dark skies, and I especially like #1. I had a hard time pulling myself away from it!

Patience-please said...

You have spent a lifetime on every painting. Years of seeing, years of learning, years of honing your skill, years of developing your eye and your palette, years of learning the mediums.

dog face girls said...

I must admit they grow on you.. Number on for sure.