Saturday, March 8, 2008


For the pst few weeks I have been exploring a somewhat new approach to my landscapes, creating texture and mood with repeated applications and removal (by blotting with paper towels, freezer paper, and/or washing with water) of thin washes of color. In some areas full application of paint is also employed. This approach was used exclusively in the skies of the 3 paintings shown here. The foregrounds were a combination of this technique and more traditional painting with brush and pallete knife. The architecture was all rendered traditionally with brush.

Across the Field 10x20 $400

Down the road 16x20 $700

Splendor on Rt. 45 16x20 SOLD


madre-terra said...

I'm not a painter or anything but that sky in "the field" just blows me away!

Peanut said...

I love the colors in the 3rd one

Brenda said...

These are magnificant!

dog face girls said...

Oh Bill I love these..