Friday, March 7, 2008


Today we will visit several places around town that were “hot spots” for me...great places to draw and paint.

Kozy korner
My first ever meal in Wilmington was in the spring of 1969, meeting with our realator at the Kozy Korner restaurant. It is still a favorite breakfast haunt for the locals, although long since relocated from this location and without the unique exterior.

Govatos candy
It would be hard to find a more well know spot in town than Govatos, a candy store as well as a luncheonette. Located in the heart of the downtown, it remains a popular stop for shoppers and diners.

I was fascinated by the juxtapositon of the old, the new, and the soon to be new in this view. I’m always on the look out for these “interior skylines”.

The last place to see is 7th & tatnall streets, where I have been told, female companionship could be had, for the right price. Of course this was painted from a photo taken from a very long distance.

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Thanks so much for the tour through Delaware.