Saturday, June 4, 2011


Actually addicted to habit is more like it. This is my fourth day away from home and the first time I’ve been able to write anything, not because of lack of time and accommodations but because I’ve been removed from the comfort of my usual morning routine. The first 2 days I told myself I was simply recovering from the day and a half drive, which was really pleasant and uneventful, but hey…I needed an excuse. Yesterday I simply avoided the question, but today I faced it head on, like any tiger would, and accepted the fact that I need my routine, and once I did that…I began to write about it.

It is a beautiful June morning with clear blue skies, low humidity, and temperature in the mid 70s. I’m sitting in Beth and Carl’s screened in back porch that overlooks acres of tilled farm land, the view interrupted by the many fruit trees Carl has planted around their property. I’ve been staying with Beth and Carl since I arrived in Maryland Thursday afternoon. Tonight Sara and clan will be here for dinner, and tomorrow I will make my way to Wilmington and Philadelphia.

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