Monday, June 13, 2011


Given the recent weather this seemed to be an appropriate photo to use.

Nine years ago this month Patience and nine whippets moved to Paducah, taking up residence in what is now my studio while work on the house was being completed. (I will not presume to be able to adequately describe her experience.) I arrived in August after closing out our medical practice. Paducah quickly became home for us, and over the past nine years in all of my trips to visit family and friends in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania I found myself anxious to get back to the comforts of my home in Paducah’s Lowertown. OK…on my 30 day trip to Italy I didn’t get homesick until day 27…but hey…it was Italy!

My trip was wonderful. I visited my two daughters, sons in law, and 4 grandchildren, as well as cousins and dear friends, each visit accompanied by a generous amount of food and wine. The trip ended with a 50th class reunion at my college, Lebanon Valley College in a small town about 7 miles east of Hershey PA, also accompanied by food and drink. There was so much food and wine on this trip that it became clear to me that if I want to continue my PASTA QUEST, which I certainly do, I will have to make some serious changes in my eating and drinking habits, as well as resuming daily walks.

On the 14 hour drive out and back I had plenty of time to reflect on all that I wanted to do when I returned home, with my art, my writing, and my cooking. Now the challenge is to implement the results of all of that ruminating.

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