Thursday, June 9, 2011


to fend off the ill effects of pasta withdrawal. Having pasta only once in four days I remedied the situation last evening with a wonderful dish of Linguine with scallops and crab at a delightful waterfront restaurant on the Elk river in Cecil county Maryland, the guest of my dear friend Ed.

Ed attacking his Linguine...with mussels, clams, shrimp, and scallops

My Linguine before...

and after.

The art world needs more people like Ed; he loves art and is an avid collector. His home is filled with art, representing a wide range of styles and media. Now if I can just get him to move to Paducah!

I'm a little worried about being away...Patience informed me today that she is sleeping so much better with me gone. I tell myself that it is only because I am not there to wake her up when she is snoring. Well I guess that is just another sacrifice I will have to make...going away so she can sleep better. Gotta tell you, it is not easy being a tiger.

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Patience Renzulli said...

I think I said I was sleeping more soundly. I don't think I said "better". Nothing is better when you're gone. Except it is a tad quieter at night. I *might* have said "better" I suppose. But I didn't mean it. Goodnight xoxo