Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12-6…Capellini and stuff

OK…it is 5:30 and I haven’t given any thought to dinner. A quick look in the fridge reveals some asparagus, grape tomatoes, and green onions that need to be used…soon, also one slice of prosciutto and the rear end of a loaf of ciabatta bread. All the makings of a meal.


Capellini (angel hair pasta)
Olive oil
Garlic, Green onion
Red pepper flakes
Toasted ciabatta bread crumbs
Grape tomatoes, halved
Sweet vermouth
Tomato paste
Basil and oregano, dried
Diced tomatoes


Grate the bread, toast the crumbs, and set aside.

Saute the garlic and onion in olive oil with a small amount of tomato pastes. Then add the asparagus and lemon juice and cook. After 10 -15 minutes add the diced tomatoes, prosciutto, and herbs, cook for a few minutes and add the wine and lemon juice. (I really don’t think any of these times are critical…just do it by intuition.)

When the pasta is ready add it to the pan and mix well, sprinkle with the bread crumbs and serve with parmigiano reggiano cheese.


This dish was as fun to cook as it was to eat. I literally made it up as I went along. Do your own variation of it and enjoy!

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