Saturday, December 17, 2011


Needing a break from barns and farms, I turned my attention to my photos and sketches from Italy and focused on the Tuscan country side. It is difficult to ignore the endless stretches of rolling golden hills dotted with the iconic Italian Cypress trees. Looking for something a little different, I tried working with pastels clay mono types. Here are a few of the initial results:

These were all spontaneous, done without any planning. My interest has been seeing how the fabric, impregnated with the pigmented clay, would receive the soft pastel.
Of course the results vary, depending on the fabric used for the print. I hope to be posting more of these mixed media pieces in the near future.

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Gus said...

Bill: Do you have any (relatively) small paintings from Naples or that region? We are looking for a gift for our older child, who loves the area.