Monday, December 12, 2011


2x6”…5x7”…4x6”…Since late this summer the great majority of my work has been in or about these sizes. I found myself with little interest in my usual work and after looking around for something to do began sketching from some old photos. I was having so much fun that I decided to re-visit old places via my photo files and recording my “visits” with these drawings, most of which have been posted on the blog over the past 3 months.

It has been interesting seeing how the work, even at this small size and with minimal ambition has begun to evolve. The evolution is an unconscious one, in which some of the drawings begin to become more complicated and their goal more ambitious. Over the course of this series some of the pieces were done primarily as a study for larger work, while others were conceived of as finished pieces.

The most recent development has been replacing paper with scraps of old clay mono types, similar to the clay drawings I’ve been doing since my return from Italy last year.

The challenge, as the work tends to become more involved, is to maintain the freshness and naivety.

Two from early in the series...

Two "intermediates"...

Most recent...

I look forward to continue working in this size and improving my technique, especially with the work on the clay mono types.

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Kaye said...

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