Saturday, December 31, 2011


The last several months have been quite interesting for me in regards to my art. Finding myself with little sense of direction and inspiration I began a series of small sketch-like drawings and paintings, working from old photo files. They were quite simple, done with pencil, ink, markers, watercolor, pastels, and various combinations of all of them. It was no surprise that the more I did, the more the work began to evolve, even as it remained small and simple. I learned which medium best fit the subject, and which combinations would create the effects I wanted. I realized I was reaching back into the early years of my art, not only with the subjects but also with the scale of the work and the media I was using. To others the new work might appear to be the same as the old, but I knew it wasn’t; I could sense the effects of over 30 years of painting and drawing as I worked.

After working with different media and going through the large inventory of different papers that had accumulated in the studio, I decided to try something different by borrowing from my clay drawings. Still working small, and with the same media, I began using old clay mono types instead of paper. Once more I was borrowing from the past to create something new, and this time the evolution is beginning to lead to larger pieces, although I have no intention of abandoning the smaller work. I’m sure I can do both.

What’s next? My plan now is to create new clay mono types using a variety of printing surfaces, specifically designed to be used for drawings and paintings in a variety of mediums, but with a special emphasis on pastels.

New pastel barn on old CMT...32x15"

Detail of above

Three re-worked old CMTs...pastel barns added

I am looking forward to 2012 and the opportunity to continue this amazing journey I began so many years ago. I take comfort in my tendency to plan and anticipate what lies ahead, and am excited when I realize how little that has to do with where I end up. Who knows, perhaps there is another corner to be turned somewhere out there in this new year.

Regular gallery hours will be suspended in January and February. I will be open by chance and by appointments (call 270-366-2837). Do not hesitate to call, even if you simply want to stop by to browse: visitors are always welcomed.

I hope that 2012 is all that you want it to be.

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Villager said...

Happy New Year for you and your family!