Monday, November 21, 2011


Polenta, a southern Italian comfort food. It sounds so elegant, but alas, it is nothing more than cornmeal mush. Typically it is served on a “polenta board”, placed in the middle of the table and covered with sauce. (My father considered polenta with rabbit a special treat.)

I have expanded my pasta quest to include polenta and risotto, so both will be appearing on my blog in the weeks ahead.

Yesterday we had penne pasta with a typical Sunday gravy…this one with a chicken base, skinless thighs on the bone. Tonight I used the leftover gravy and chicken on the polenta.


For the sauce check older posts for “Sunday gravy”.

For the polenta…Corn grits, available in a variety of brands.


After removing the meat from the bone I warmed the sauce while preparing the polenta as directed on the package.

Spoon the sauce over the polenta, add Parmigiano Reggiano, and enjoy a delightful dinner…perfect for a gray, wet day.

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Gus said...

Oh my...I haven't had rabbit gravy in years. You are making my mouth water just bringing up the topic!

(rich has this thing about not eating Thumper)