Monday, November 7, 2011

11-7…Chicken, shrimp, and other stuff.

It is 5:30, and I’m not feeling very inspired. Pickings in the fridge are slim, and the freezer and pantry are not much better, even after looking at both at least 3 different times. Eventually I settled on chicken…and thawed a boneless breast in the microwave. From there dinner evolved to include shrimp and fresh herbs in a lemon-cream sauce.


Tomato-basil fettucine purchased at Tuesday Morning (I am not a foodie.)\
Boneless chicken breast
Fresh dill, basil, and parsley
Olive oil
Heavy whipping cream
Shallots (I am embarrassed to say I am out of garlic)


While waiting for the water to boil brown the chicken in olive oil and butter and remove. Deglaze the pan with white wine if needed. Add more olive oil and sauté the chicken, adding the herbs and lemon juice. About the time the pasta is placed in the water add the shrimp to the pan followed by the cream. Stir frequently, and when ready, add the pasta to the sauce, mix well, and serve with Parmigian Reggiano cheese and a sprinkling of fresh dill.


For a last minute effort, this was delicious and I encourage everyone to try it. Any past will do, but I would recommend linguine or fettucine.

And neither Patience or I missed the garlic.

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Artemis r said...

Mmmmmm sounds inventive and delicious