Thursday, November 3, 2011


There are a few absolute “must haves” in my kitchen, and sausage is one of them. (The others are olive oil, garlic, and lemons. Pasta of course is a given.) I like to say that I would enjoy cardboard if it was served with good Italian sausage. I like to say that….but really have no interest in testing it.

I’ve eaten sausage all of my life…homemade, imported, and whatever…and am pleased to say that the Johnsonville brand carried by our local Kroger supermarket is as good as any of them, and I keep several packages in our freezer at all times. With Patience still out of town I will use sausage to prepare another very simple but elegant pasta dish.

HOLD EVERYTHING…my neighbor and good friend Keyth (fellow foodie) just called to say he was coming over with some grilled pork chops, baked potato, and green beans. His wife is not feeling well and he has all this food prepared.

So, the flame under the pasta water is turned off and the sausage goes in the fridge to wait for tomorrow night’s dinner.

LATER…The food was delicious, as expected, and Keyth and I, with the help of a little wine, solved all our emotional, marital, and creative problems. We also discussed the myriad of local eating places we have yet to visit and pledged to do our best to visit every one of them.

Oh the delights of living in Lowertown.

Keyth...artist, cook, neighbor, and friend

2 comments: said...

Bill, you set my taste buds in a mini revolt. I love Italian sausage but I've been a vegetarian for 20 years. I used to buy and enjoy the fake I. sausage made by Boca. But for reasons the company could not tell me, they just stopped production. I have one squirreled away in my freezer, afraid to be without. That's like my last sample of Vioxx that I hold onto in case of ..... I don't know.... nuclear meltdown of the Salem nuclear plant?!
I swear allegiance to your flag of one pasta, indivisible, with liberally grated Reggiano for all!

William F. Renzulli said...

Dennis, If I had to give one reason why I could never be a vegetarian it would be SAUSAGE.