Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There was left over gravy meat in the fridge…sausage and chicken…that had to be used, and there was never any question as to how. Pasta with beans is a common Italian soul food, served either as a loose soup dish or with a thicker sauce, (my mom’s way). It was only as an adult, away from home, that I realized that the dish I knew as Pasta Fazool was the same as pasta fagioli, something my mother would never serve to guests…it was too common.


Pasta “Fazool” (Pasta Fagioli to non-Italian-Americans)


Leftover tomato sauce
olive oil
I can white beans…northern, navy, or cannellini beans


Normally you make the sauce, then add the beans. Since the leftover meat had sauce with it I simple sautéed some garlic in olive oil with a tablespoon of tomato paste before adding the meat and the beans (un-drained).


I feel like I’m cheating giving a 10 to leftovers…but as my dear wife says…a ten is a ten, and that is what she is giving this. I am too full to write any more at this time. Now I’ll have to go rub her feet (not my favorite body part) because she worked all day.

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Villager said...

We here love pasta with beans too...a common dish when I was growing up in Portugal. Must be a Mediterranean thing. But we always used red beans. And sometimes my mom would mix some chopped collard greens! I think it was for color contrast.
I am enjoying these culinary excursions.