Thursday, May 19, 2011


best describes how I feel about the new work I'm doing. I'm excited about it, but am comfortable taking my time and approaching each piece with much more deliberation than usual. I don't know where this will take me...into a new series with evolution of the technique, or perhaps new subject matter or compositions.

Currently the focus is on color and light, and of course, the horizon, which continues to hold tightly to my interest. All of the paintings in this series have been done using a palette limited to 3 colors plus Titanium white. Varying the size and shape of the canvases has provided some variety to the work.


A seascape was not my original intent, but when I completed the sky all I could see below it was the sea. I'm not sure it is finished. I'm mulling over the need to use a glaze to slightly decrease the intensity of the water. It needs to be looked at for a day or two.

In all of these paintings my goal is to "suggest" a sky, or a field, or as in this case, the sea.

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happy internist said...

oooh! i really like this one...